It is not surprising that technology has influenced every part of the jewelry industry and that the diamond industry has also grown somewhat reliant on it. The demand for specialist technologies that can correctly detect (DRC Machines) a natural diamond is urgent given the fast rise in the volume of synthetic diamonds. In addition to serving as a guarantee of authenticity, it boosts consumer trust in companies that sell diamonds or jewelry. Several diamond testing devices with intriguing characteristics have been introduced by various diamond grading labs and testing businesses and are offered for purchase by diamond graders.

The war between detecting real v/s fake or better to say artificial diamonds is age-old. There are many famous technologies that are now developed to detect real v/s artificial diamonds. But as the diamond industry develops, the definitions of real and artificial diamonds have changed much to the awareness of only the main experts of the gem. When we say “real” we mean “natural” and when we say “artificial” we mean “lab-grown” the most important thing to understand here is that “lab-grown” diamonds are NOT “fake” diamonds. They are real too. But, they are just lab-grown as the name suggests.

To better understand it, let us take an example of a ‘baby doll’, a ‘baby who has grown inside a mother’s womb’, and a baby who has grown under laboratory observations. The latter is a ‘real baby’ nonetheless.

However, the prices of ‘mined’ and ‘lab-grown’ diamonds are different. The DRC machines help you detect the ‘fake’, ‘real’, and ‘artificial’ diamonds from each other. The reasons are clear and simple.

  • Awareness is power. Knowing what you are paying to the suppliers/sellers is a must in a world where fraud is happening every second. The chances of fraud in this industry are more because the technology of updating is not widespread and the awareness of the thin line of difference between the true meaning of artificial is not clear.
  • The second reason is, through you, your purchasers/customers are happy and AWARE of what they are buying.
  • To ensure that it is a fair trade.
  • Testing the diamonds for the customers: Jewelers use diamond testers to monitor the quality of the stone.

The jeweler will test your stone to see if it is real before you can sell it or trade it in for another. Even if you take your jewelry to a jeweler for repairs, the jeweler must be aware of the type of stone that is in the setting because various gemstones react differently to heat, pressure, and stress. The diamond tester that is used to determine the diamond’s quality is reliable.

When you go to pick up your repaired diamond jewelry, it is your responsibility to insist that the individual test the stones in front of you.

  • Assuring the customers and making them aware of what they are buying makes a business ETHICAL. Although it may not affect your business much, ethics is an integral part of any business. If you are ethical and you show it, it ultimately helps build your company’s goodwill.

Important things to think about before buying DRC machines:

The sorts of diamonds utilized, such as size, color, shape, and loose or mounted, are some of the crucial factors to take into account when buying a verification instrument as those factors have an impact on the choice of instrument. The volume of the items is crucial because vast amounts of melee will demand different levels of automation than a small number of larger stones. While other equipment requires trained operators, certain instruments can be used by people with no prior expertise. Therefore, if you’re thinking about buying a sophisticated tool, you need to be sure you have a trained operator who can utilize it. If you work in several locations or test stones outside of your property, you must consider whether you need a portable device based on your needs.

As with every purchase, the ultimate choice is heavily influenced by the budget. Due to several factors, the cost of Diamond Verification Instruments varies substantially, therefore it is necessary to bear this in mind.

Diamond Producers Association (DPA) introduced The ASSURE Program, which has created a uniform standard to verify the performance of Diamond Verification Instruments consistently, after realizing how essential diamond verification systems are.

Guide to using J-Series Equipments:

DRC Machines –  J Mini Pro

J Mini Pro Machine for Diamond Detect

J mini imparts UV rays on the diamonds when placed in the detection tray. The diamonds in turn emit light. The light that natural and artificial diamonds emit is different in color and wavelength. By using J-Mini and its user guideline, users can identify lab-grown diamonds. It is also accompanied by an android smartphone. The user-friendly interface of this device helps in making detection easy. The software of the smartphone displays results in the form of synthetic stones and total rechecks.

  • Mobility – Over-the-counter device. Scan lab-grown (CVD/HPHT) on the go
  • Competitive price – Most competitive price among a similar range of technology providers.
  • Accuracy >99%
  • Automation – One-Click Automatic Result
  • User-Friendly

Simple And Easy To Use. Just Plug & Play

  • Software Upgrades – Stay Up-To-Date With Latest Updates
  • Records – Track Scanned Records Right From First Scan

DRC Machines – J Smart Pro

J Smart Pro Machine for Diamond Detect 

Scan diamonds of all shapes, sizes, and colors, with J Smart Pro. With easy plug-in and play, scan lab-grown diamonds from your facility. With a scanning area of 9 inches x 6 inches and a scanning time of 45-60 seconds, our user-friendly detector gives accurate results.

  • Mega Capacity – 9-inch x 6 inch
  • Convenient – Scan lab-grown diamonds at the convenience of your facility.
  • Accuracy >99%
  • Automation – One-Click Automatic Result
  • User-Friendly – Simple And Easy To Use. Just Plug & Play
  • Software Upgrades – Stay Up-To-Date With Latest Updates
  • Records – Track Scanned Records Right From First Scan

DRC Machines – J Detect Pro

Scan diamonds of all shapes, sizes, and colors mounted and unmounted within a scanning area of 4.5 inches x 3.8 inches within 45-90 seconds. Faster, smarter, and affordable.

  • Cost-Effective – Fits Your Budget With Most Competitive Price
  • User-Friendly – Simple And Easy To Use. Just Plug & Play
  • Convenient – Scan Lab-Grown Diamonds At The Convenience Of Your Facility
  • Software Upgrades – Stay Up-To-Date With Latest Updates
  • Accuracy >99%
  • Records – Track Scanned Records Right From First Scan
  • Automation – One-Click Automatic Result

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