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DRC is a tech and innovation company that offers cost-effective and smart techno-commercial solutions. Driven by the mission of adding value to various industries and solving the unsolved problems through simplified solutions, we first embarked on a journey to understand the Diamond industry in depth. Our home city is a Diamond hub and what could make us proud than to help this industry thrive and function more smoothly.

We believe we have the strength to use our innovative minds that can inspire change and make the world a better place because we are the minds that care.

Embracing Authenticity in Diamonds and Relations

Today, we are global leaders and have become a prominent name in Lab-Grown (CVD/HPHT) Diamond Detection Technology company with care and innovation at heart. From manufacturing to retail, we support and strengthen the diamond industry at every stage of the supply chain by providing cost-effective, high-value solutions and business innovation with efficient customer support. Our proven solutions have helped 1000’s satisfied customers in minimizing human error, increasing productivity, and enabling the consumer to make an informed & secure purchase.

Vision and Mission

To solve the problems in various industries through innovative yet affordable technology that can help in the growth and ultimately it helps society to thrive.


What underlines our core is our unwavering commitment to drive change, transform industries and improve quality of life around us through our innovative techno-commercial solutions. We are driven by our constant endeavour to break new grounds and find answers to unsolved problems. We commit to sail through whatever comes our way, confront challenges head on and protect our values, purpose and culture at any cost.

our Core Values

Innovation is our shiniest asset.
Our constant pursuit.

What we do defines us
What we do drive us
Excellence is how things are done here.

What you see is what you get
What you hear is what we 
We respect each individual
We are crystal clear and
Rock-solid in our principle.

We never let the dust settle on us
We evolve and constantly polish ourselves

Our business is our playground
Positivity fires our imaginations and
Fuels our enthusiasm.

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