It all started from the year 2012 when DRC was introduced to the world. Diamtech Research Centre Private Limited is a technology service provider, specializing in the dynamic gems and jewelry industry. Our goal is not just to protect you from scams but also to offer cost-effective and bring new ideas to the industry. With years of experience in the industry made our solutions effective and satisfying to thousands of customers. DRC is well known for lab-grown diamond detection.

Not just this– Going beyond mere detection, DRC elevates the trustworthiness of lab-grown diamonds with exclusive services such as GemID and D-imaging. With these offerings, diamonds can be identified by optical characteristics, ensuring their authenticity. Moreover, they revolutionize visual communication, setting a new standard for immersive and captivating experiences in the diamond industry.

The most interesting part is; that with the guidance of our CEO, Mr. Hardik, we’ve released more than 20 software updates to assure the security of your business and to earn your trust. Dedicated to being a self-reliant social enterprise, DRC is guided by its core values of Creativity, Integrity, Learning, Fun, Excellence, and Respect for all.

What makes DRC A global Leader From Local?

  1. Innovative Diamond Tester Solution- DRC goes beyond detection with services like GemID, providing a unique “fingerprint” identification based on optical characteristics. D-imaging is their innovative 360-degree Diamond Photography. It is an emerging trend for the online platform, enhancing visual communication for diamond dealers, manufactured diamonds, and retailers globally.
  2. Continues Research & Development– DRC always works on making things better. The lab-grown diamond market is always changing, so DRC’s team is always looking for new kinds of lab-grown diamonds from different places. They keep updating their products to find and detect new types of diamonds, like CVD and HPHT diamonds. This shows that DRC can adapt and stay on top worldwide.

  1. Customer-centric approach- DRC cares a lot about its customers. They have a team of trained people who are always ready to help customers. This ensures that customers don’t face any delays in getting support for the products and services. DRC’s focus on making customers happy sets them apart globally.
  2. Technical Expertise: With a team of technically talented engineers and product developers, DRC gains a competitive edge in the global industry. Their skilled professionals contribute to the development of high-precision instruments that positively detect lab-grown diamonds, setting new standards for accuracy.
  3. Revolutionary products: DRC’s four ground-breaking lab-grown diamond detection devices. Such as J Mini Pro, J Detect Pro, J Smart Pro and Guardian. It highlights the company’s effort to offer high-accuracy Diamond Autopolishing Machine at the most affordable price.
  4. Updated technology: DRC is not just a local gem and jewelry technology provider; it is a Centre of forward-thinking innovation. The company continuously launches advanced products that are research-based, showcasing its commitment to staying at the forefront of technology.
  5. Global Customer Support: DRC offers a unique 24/7 global customer support program that exceeds other market-driven technical support services. This ensures that customers worldwide have access to assistance whenever they need it, solidifying DRC’s position as a global leader in customer care.


To sum it up, DRC is a top player worldwide in spotting lab-created diamonds. Providing high-tech solutions that create new benchmarks for getting things right in the industry. If you value authenticity and want to ensure your diamonds are the real deal, DRC is your go-to partner. Don’t compromise on quality- choose DRC for reliable and innovative solutions. Take the step towards trustworthy diamonds, and explore DRC’s offering today!

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