Infinity Bruter

Polish Perfection with Fancy Bruter: Where Diamonds Radiate Excellence!

$ 2600.00

Produces excellent fancy shapes

Competitive price
Most competitive price among a similar range of technology providers.

Technical Specification

Weight: 90KG
Dimension: 560 X 435 X 580 (In mm)
Wheel RPM: 1280 RPM
Spindle RPM: 960 RPM

AC Power: 230V AC
Temperature: 5 to 30°C
Input current: 6A


❶ Cuts risky stones

❸ Fast cutting with zero breaking.

❺ Process range up to 5.0Ct with perfect shape.

❼ Products perfect roundness and finish of the girdle.

❷ Auto measuring of diamond diameter.

❹ Automatic software-controlled axis movement.

❻ Simple system requiring minimal training period.

❽ Eliminates cleavages and wholes without any outbreak

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Infinity Bruter

Guardians are always on guard for your detection.

Portable, Reliable and optimal. A compact way of detection.

Detection at its Best. Innovative detection device.

Master of detection one of your smartest Lab-Grown detectors with the highest capacity.

Encapsulation is the true beauty that lies within.

A Unique diamond belongs to its true owner.

Crafting Facets. Facilitating the creation of smooth and reflective diamonds.

Produces perfect roundness and finish of the girdle.