Diamond Auto polishing Machine

crafting facets. facilitating the creation of smooth and reflective diamonds.


Advanced Technology
Advanced error identification system that prevents heavy loss on a diamond.

The camera
HD camera system ensures the accurate setting of small-size diamonds. Live camera vision to see natural and surface structures.


360° View

➣ The Guardian is a cost-effective and reliable CVD/HPHT lab-grown diamond detector, catering to the needs of retailers, chain stores, and small manufacturers. 
➣ With a generous scanning area of 6 inches by 4 inches, it provides the flexibility to scan jewellery and loose diamonds of any size and shape from 0.003 small diamonds to big necklaces. Enhance your detection capabilities and protect your business with the Guardian, The ultimate solution for efficient and trustworthy diamond detection.

Key Features

Both natural and lab-grown diamonds can be polished speedy and accurately.

Accurate final polishing as per the planning parameter. (EX: Cutting and VG+ = Polishing)

Fast Production
Up to 120 pcs of production per day (size-wise) by one bench.

Weight setting for the all-size diamonds.

Precise and smooth for cutting off the ring on the holder. Pre-adjustment for all size holders.

Included Accessories

Angle Setting Machine

  • HD Camera system ensures accurate setting of small size diamond.

  • Save all the set parameters image and label printing options.

  • Live camera vision to see natural and surface structures.

Press Machine

  • Weight setting for the all-size diamonds.

  • Maintenance-free and easy operation.

  • Each size is by pneumatic and manual pressure.

Holder Trimmer Machine

  • Precise and smooth cutting of ring on the holders.

  • Pre-adjustment for all size holders.

  • Easy to use and quick operation.

Technical Specification

762 x 762 x 1016 (in mm)

Power Requirements:
220-240 V AC, 420 V AC

Temperature Range:
20° to 25° C

370 KG

AC Motor:

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