Gemological Instruments

We’ve created a high-capacity automatic lab-grown diamond detector that can detect loose and mounted diamonds in large pieces of jewelry like necklaces and bangles. We’ve created machines that provide simple solutions for people who have little or no technical knowledge on how to operate technology. We created machinery with system upgrades suitable with the current and future technologies because one of our important aspects is evolving with time.

Retail tools

We have compact and easy-to-use diamond detection equipment for the retail business. All of the scanners can recognize diamonds of various shapes and sizes, making it easier for businesses to provide natural products to their clients. This simple way of detection enables retailers to detect diamonds in the comfort of their establishments.

Manufacturing Machines

We have automatic cutting, shaping, and polishing machines that keep the inherent brilliance of the diamonds. The polishing machines are equipped with a protective mechanism that prevents over-polishing and stone damage.