A portable AI-based auto diamond detector to scan lab-grown diamonds on the go! Take the security and assurance of your diamonds wherever you go with J-Mini Pro. It can identify lab-grown diamonds (CVD/HPHT), mounted or loose.



Portable. Reliable. Optimal.  A compact way of detection. 


  • MobilityOver-the-counter device. Scan lab-grown (CVD/HPHT) on the go.
  • Competitive price Most competitive price among a similar range of technology providers.
  • Accuracy  99%
  • Automation One-Click Automatic Result.
  • User-FriendlySimple And Easy To Use. Just Plug & Play.
  • Software UpgradesStay Up-To-Date With Latest Updates.
  • Records Track Scanned Records Right From First Scan.
A portable AI-based auto diamond detector to scan lab-grown diamonds on the go! Take the security and assurance of your diamonds wherever you go with J-Mini Pro. It can identify lab-grown diamonds (CVD/HPHT), mounted or loose.

Rough & Polished

All Shapes

Loose & Mounted


D to K

Scanning area

2.4 inch x 2.4 inch

Scanning time

45 to 60 seconds

Diamond Size

0.003 carat and larger


8.6 x 4.9 x 4.6 (in inch)

Technical Specifications

Dimensions 219 X 125 X 116 mm
Weight 2.6 kgs
Power Requirements 100/240 volts
Temperature Range 3 °C  to 35 °C
Storage Capacity 64 GB

What does J-miniPro ?

The sole purpose of the J-miniPro is to uphold consumer confidence in the natural diamond industry. Most of the diamonds or diamond jewellery purchased today is for emotional occasions like weddings, engagements, anniversaries or birthdays, so on and so forth. The consumers should know what they are buying. Lab-Grown diamond may have a place in the jewellery segment but mixing or unethically selling Lab-Grown diamonds with the tag of it being a Natural diamond is playing with the customer’s emotions, resulting to lack of consumer confidence in the industry. This concern was shared with us by many players of the fraternity. Thereafter as being a part of this industry we have taken this situation as a challenge and invented J-miniPro as a result.

Why J-miniPro?

Most of the detection tools or devices available in the market are either very costly or are limited to specific sizes, shapes, speed, accuracy or the device is being made for specific clientele alone. Most devices can only detect TYPE- IIA which requires further testing and analysis to be done in the Lab.

It requires a lot of time and energy to make sure that all purchases are Natural Diamonds. After years of research of the perennial issues, we have consolidated the solution in one single device i.e. J-miniPro. J-miniPro was developed to detect Lab-Grown Diamonds.

What size of diamonds it detects?

J-miniPro is a device that detects lab grown diamonds of all sizes from 0.003Cts (+0000 Sieve size) and larger, whether colourless or near to colourless Lab-Grown diamonds.

What diamond shapes does it detect?

Any shape is detectable, but for small (below +11) fancy shapes it needs a replaceable attachment.

Is it type II-Identification, does further identification required?

J-miniPro directly detects lab grown Lab-Grown diamonds (Diamond grown in laboratory by HPHT as well as CVD techniques) within all colourless or near colourless diamonds. It does not require further testing as the results are shown on the spot.

Is it good for rough diamonds also?


What is the speed?

Currently, it scans one tray (2.4-inch x 2.4 inch) filled with diamonds in about 45-90 seconds.

How to operate?

Operating this device is very simple and easily understandable. The operator needs to go through the operation manual before operating J-miniPro. For the test, ensure that the right size tools are chosen, colorless diamonds must be properly cleaned/boiled and they should not overlap one another.

How about after sales service?

While designing the machine, we have taken care of using limited parts that require service in the machine. If anything happens to the machine within the warranty period or even after the warranty period, the customer is advised to contact our India support centre.

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