History of Lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds:

Previously, the AI-based auto-detection J Smart Pro lab-grown diamond market was either disregarded or mocked. To diminish it, they termed it “synthetic.” Some people still use it. However, some people were aware of the possible danger and aggressively sought to protect the appeal of natural diamonds to consumers.

Despite their best efforts, it appears that their level of success has been modest. The fears that have so far come true for the natural diamond business are listed below:

Customer approval is rising

The consumer market initially saw lab-grown diamonds as at most a strange novelty. And frequently a copycat. But those mainstream beliefs from just five years ago are fading. Many people today believe that lab-grown diamonds are a viable option that fully addresses the concerns of the natural diamond industry. In addition to frequent statements that lab-grown are more ethical, an increasing number of major merchants have begun to sell products that were developed in laboratories after years of opposition.

  • The market share of lab-grown diamonds is rising very quickly.
  • Increased government norms and restrictions normalize lab-grown diamonds through standardization.

Even if the difference between lab-grown and natural diamonds is blurring and both are gaining ground in the current diamond market, it is still crucial to be open and honest about the diamonds one is purchasing or selling. The rise of lab-grown diamonds on the market does not imply a decline in the value of natural diamonds. As a result, traders must disclose the sort of diamonds they use or trade for the jewellery.

As “the other diamond,” lab-grown diamonds are still offered for sale. The phrase is frequently used in a derogatory manner. Customers continue to refer to lab-grown diamonds as “synthetic diamonds,” even though they are not phoney or American diamonds. To determine if the jewellery being sold or created uses lab-grown diamonds or real diamonds, traders and jewellers must be highly technologically up-to-date. In a field where fraud is prevalent constantly, reputational risk is a constant.

In the diamond industry, there have been cases where dealers or jewellers have lost their clientele purely as a result of the lab-grown diamonds being discovered in the jewellery they had been selling as “natural diamonds.” Because there are pricing discrepancies between lab-grown and natural, or mined diamonds, fair dealings are vital. Because the client sector still does not understand the difference between lab-grown diamonds and synthetic imitation diamonds, the reputation is quickly damaged. Even if the diamond in the jewellery is a lab-grown stone rather than a man-made one, the headlines of newspapers frequently read, “XYZ jeweller was detected selling false diamond claiming it to be a real diamond in the jewellery.”

Thus, it is abundantly evident that you, as a dealer, should be well informed about and up to date on technology that distinguishes between different categories of diamonds, whether they are synthetic, fake, or real. This is necessary for you to conduct fair and open trading.

Here is a piece of equipment you can put in your store to remain on top of advancements in diamond recognition technology.


About AI-based Auto Detection Lab-grown diamond machine J Smart Pro:

The J Smart Pro’s objective is to maintain consumer faith in the natural diamond sector. The majority of diamonds or diamond jewellery bought today is for sentimental events like weddings, engagements, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. Customers must be aware of what they are purchasing. Although lab-grown diamonds may have a role in the jewellery market, combining or unethically marketing lab-grown diamonds as natural diamonds plays on the emotions of the client and undermines their trust in the business. Many members of the fraternity expressed this worry to us. After that, we as members of this industry saw this as a challenge and developed an AI-based Auto Detection Lab-grown diamond machine J-Smart Pro as a response.

With AI-based Auto Detection Lab-grown diamond machine J Smart Pro, you can scan diamonds of diverse ages, sizes, and hues. It has a simple plug-and-play installation and can scan lab-grown diamonds from your facility. Our user-friendly detector provides precise results with a scanning area of 9 inches by 6 inches and a scanning time of 45 to 90 seconds.

The AI-based Auto Detection Lab-grown diamond machine J Smart Pro comes with an auto-rotating dish that checks the items placed on it from all angles and dimensions, unlike traditional machines which require manual replacement of items to be checked from all sides.

Let us look at an overview of the lab-grown diamond detection machine – J Smart Pro

  • It works on all shapes and sizes of diamonds.
  • The colours: D to K
  • The average scanning time of jewellery is 45 to 90 seconds.
  • The machine size is 410×395×475 (mm)
  • It provides a scanning area of 9×6 (inch)
  • It works on loose as well as mounted jewelled diamonds.
  • It weighs 30 kg.
  • The power requirement i.e. consumption is 100/240 volts.
  • The storage capacity is 500GB.
  • It can connect to 4 USB Ports, 1 HDMI Port, 1 VGA Port, 1 LAN Port, and a WiFi Antenna Connector.

It comes with the following accessories:



1 Loose Diamond Tray

2 Jewelry Trays With 36 Ring Slots (out of which 1 tray is for neck-pieces and the 2nd one for rings which has 36 slots)

1 Bangle Tray, 1 Ring Tray for eternity (Auto-Rotation To Capture The Entire Item In 360° )

Keyboard & MouseWireless
Fluorescent LightIn-built Fluorescent Light
Data ProcessingIn-Built Touch Screen Computer
Security Key1 Software Security USB Key
Operating System

Windows 10


Features of J Smart Pro:

  • Mega Capacity9-inch x 6 inch
  • ConvenientScan lab-grown diamonds at the convenience of your facility.
  • Accuracy – > 99%
  • AutomationOne-Click Automatic Result
  • User-FriendlySimple And Easy To Use. Just Plug & Play
  • Software UpgradesStay Up-To-Date With Latest Updates
  • RecordsTrack Scanned Records Right From First Scan


So, that’s that about the product highlight. Now let us come to the point of why should YOU buy this product. What does it have in store for you? How will it benefit you?

The majority of detection instruments or gadgets on the market are either very expensive, limited to specific sizes, shapes, speeds, or levels of accuracy, or are created exclusively for a particular clientele. The majority of devices can only identify Type IIA, which necessitates additional laboratory testing and analysis.

A lot of time and effort must be invested to ensure that all purchases are Natural Diamonds. We have compiled the solution for the enduring problems after years of research into one single device, the AI-based Auto Detection Lab-grown diamond machine J-Smart Pro. A tool called J-Smart Pro was created to find lab-grown diamonds. What makes us different is our scanning & identification of diamonds of all shapes & sizes in one single go. Our machines can even lose or mount diamonds on even bigger jewellery such as necklaces or bangles. It scans from all angles and dimensions in a single test run and there is no need to manually adjust the position of the jewelry placed.

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Written by:
Vidhi Thakar
Affiliate Writer with Monkey Ads