How to Identify a Lab-Grown Diamond in UV spectrum base Technology!

In recent years, Lab-Grown Diamond have gained popularity as they offer many of the same qualities as genuine diamonds at a lesser price. Consumers must be able to tell the difference between Lab-Grown Diamond and natural diamonds, though, as there can be a sizable price difference between the two. Additionally, lab-grown diamonds are occasionally marketed […]

10 Questions About DRC

What is the difference between natural and lab-grown diamonds? Natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds cannot be distinguished by the naked eye. Small amounts of nitrogen are present in natural diamonds, however, nitrogen is absent from lab-grown diamonds. This is indeed one of the indicators that gemologists look for when determining whether a diamond is man-made […]

Reasons to Use DRC Machines and How Guide to Retaining Your Customers

It is not surprising that technology has influenced every part of the jewelry industry and that the diamond industry has also grown somewhat reliant on it. The demand for specialist technologies that can correctly detect (DRC Machines) a natural diamond is urgent given the fast rise in the volume of synthetic diamonds. In addition to […]

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