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Vipul Moradiya
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I bought this product for trial around two months ago and can't believe the accuracy of the results which this Diamond Auto-polishing machine is providing. I have already ordered 200 more machines from DRC India. Eagerly awaited to keep my hands on such techno-savvy and creative products to consume the accuracy with my staff.
Saillesh Patel
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User-friendly machine with highly qualified craftsmanship. Loved the full automation concept of DRC India and the results are smooth finishing diamonds like a clear mirror.
Vinkesh Patel
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As a diamond marketer, it is crucial to be updated in the ongoing market. DRC India makes the products that made my work convenient by keeping up with technology and creative solutions on my plate.

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  • Up to 120 pcs of production per day. (Size-wise)


  • Both natural and lab-grown diamonds can be polished speedy and accurately.


  • Complete Pavilion polishing 8 Main + 16 Halves on the Crown polishing.


  • Accurate final polishing as per the planning parameter. (EX = Cutting and
    VG+ = polishing)